Running for dogs on 19th October 2014

Please support trailie owner, Jane Craven, who once again is raising money for Worcestershire Animals Rescue Shelter and Trailhound Welfare.  She is running at the Bupa Great Birmingham Run 2014 on the 19th October 2014. In October 2013 Jane did a half marathon to raise funds for  WARS and Trailie Welfare. If you click on the link below, it will take you to the Just Giving page. Although it only mentions WARS, Jane has made an arrangement with them that half the money raised will sponsor the next Trailhounds that we send there (as we always make a donation per hound towards the cost of neutering etc). Jane & Richard have 2 trailhounds, Ben and Zak, that give them immense pleasure.

Please support Jane by donation via the Just Giving page. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

We are very pleased to announce that Jane completed her run and raised a total of £161 for Trailhound Welfare and WARS. Well done, and thank you so much for your support.

Thank you to Alan Wills

Alan Wills from Cumbria has been a supporter and made regular donations to Trailhound Welfare for a number of years. His donations have helped us to get many hounds into retirement homes. Alan has enjoys watching trails from vantage points on the fells. However, he has a confession to make –  he has admitted that he has usually walked straight up onto the fells from the nearest bus stop, and not paid his entrance fee to the trail field! Alan hopes that his “debt” of over 20 years to trailing has been covered by his donations to Trailhound Welfare.  He has been very generous and his latest donation of £200 has already been put to very good use with essential vet bills and rehoming costs this weekend.

Cold Fell Hound Show July 2014

Our supporters turned out in force for a hound show put on at the Cold Fell Hound Trailing Festival. The event raised over £700 for Trailhound Welfare.


Microchipping and dog tags


Did you know that from April 2016 in England (& March 2015 in Wales) it will be a legal obligation for your dog to be microchipped. Dogs Trust are doing FREE chipping events and are offering FREE chipping at participating vets all over the country. You will also be required legally to keep the chip details up to date.  For more details, visit

Pet tags

Did you also know that legally, you are required to have a tag on your dog in a public place with your name and address on? There are certain working dog exceptions but it applies to pet owners. Most dogs that end up in a council pound, requiring a fee to release it, have been picked up by a member of the public who rings the dog warden because they don’t know who else to return the dog to because it is not wearing a tag. An ID tag on your dog will probably ensure that it is returned to you without it going to council kennels. Click picture to enlarge.

Pandy & Zach do the South Downs

Hi Folks. Pandy, and her partner in crime, Zach here. With our begging bowl. Trying to raise some cash for Trailhound Welfare. Thanks to all you lovely humans and hounds who have already donated. In June we are running and jogging South Downs Way. Seven days of romping over the hills – it’s a hard life!  100 miles in total! We have sincerely promised our humans to be well behaved. All our walks are scored on a Pandymonium scale, 0 being angelic and 10 being the opposite. Never had a 10, but I’ve had a few eights! We’re aiming for a PandyMonium score no more than 3 per day. And that’s the real challenge! Heh heh. If you would like to donate to our cause, please visit You Caring.

Pandy and Zach raised an amazing £250 for Trailhound Welfare. Thanks guys, go and put your paws up before starting your next adventure!

Trailhound running to raise funds

Laddie, who is now 14 years old, and his owner will be running a 2k Canix race at personal best time to equally support the re-homing of Trailhounds & Foxhounds by Lakeland Trailhound Welfare & Foxhound Welfare UK. Sponsor us! – See more at: YOUCARING

Laddie and Kelly completed the race and raised a staggering £350 for Trailhound Welfare! Thank-you so much for your support.

Race night with a difference!

We had a fantastic night on Saturday 5th October at the Droitwich Legion Inn.We enjoyed a hilarious evening racing our wooden hounds down the bowling alley at the pub.   We had a fantastic night and raised over £300 for Trailhound Welfare and WARS. Thank-you to our helpers especially Linda who got the project off the ground by getting the wooden hound cut outs designed and made. Watch out for the next event!

Harness by Dog Games

Sam wearing Perfect Fit Harness by Dog GamesDog Games very kindly donated one of their harnesses to Trailhound Welfare to use on hounds that come in for rehoming. Dog Games Shop sells 2 types of harness, both of which can be seen in the link above, as well as a large range of other dog related items. Sam Trailhound is pictured modelling the harness at High Rigg in the Lake District. The one he is wearing is the Perfect Fit Harness in size 20mm width, MEDIUM TOP & FRONT PIECE and LARGE GIRTH STRAP. Some hounds are better suited to the 40mm width. You can mix and match to get the size that fits your individual hound the best. Thank-you Dog Games for the lovely harness! Click on picture to enlarge. Picture by Caroline Allen

Farah Trailhound running for charity!

Good luck to Farah Trailhound, who was homed in 2012 from Salisbury Dogs Trust, has been taking part in canicross events and doing really well. Farah and her owner Candice, are running the Brecon Beacons Mountain Marathon on the 11th May 2013 to raise money for the Dogs Trust and Lakeland Trailhound Welfare. To donate online, go to

Well done Farah and Candice for completing the race in atrocious conditions. £125 was donated to Trailhound Welfare. Thanks for your support. More about Farah HERE

Martin setting his sights on Kilimanjaro

Hound trailing enthusiast Martin Wilson, along with friends Alan & Keith, climbed Kilimanjaro in October 2012 to raise funds for Trailhound Welfare, Village Education Project Kilimanjaro and Help the Hospices.
The team raised £1250 for Trailhound Welfare and almost £2900 each (including Gift Aid) for the charities Help the Hospices and Village Education Project Kilimanjaro. Thank-you to everyone who sponsored Martin.
And a huge thank-you to Martin and friends for raising funds for us. The money will be used to cover neutering, microchipping and vaccination costs.