Lakeland Trailhound Welfare 2017 Calendar

The 2017 Trailhound Welfare Calendar is nearly ready for printing and we are starting to taking orders. Order process is similar to last year.

Price per calendar £10.50 plus postage per order £2.85 (up to four calendars for this postage)

Orders to be emailed to

Please include in your order: Number ordered and address for delivery

Payment arrangements:
Paypal to
Online/telephone banking to Lakeland Trailhound Welfare, sort code 20-66-97, a/c 43450007
Cheque (address will be sent with order confirmation). Orders will be confirmed by email.

A HUGE thank you to our Treasurer, Caroline Allen for all her hard work producing the calendar and organizing the sales.



Well done, Helen and Tarn – 25k race


Supporter and trailie owner, Helen Warrington completed a 25k run at the Ennerdale Trail Run on 16th October, in aid of Trailhound Welfare. Her trailie, Tarn ran with her while Ace (typical male) had a sick day! Pleased to say, Ace is now fully recovered. GO AND HAVE A REST, Helen!



Thank you to the BHTA

A BIG thank you to the Borders Hound Trailing Association who raise £250 for LTW at their Sandale trails on October 16th. Our treasurer, Caroline Allen, was there on the day and took this super photo at the start of one of the races.


TLJ raises £200 for trailhounds in a very unusual way!

Meet ‘The Lovely Jim’ (aka TLJ), pictured with Doris. For forty years TLJ has lived with Marfan Syndrome and a Learning Disability, but that doesn’t stop him having a positive attitude to life. Jim’s family adopted their trailhounds, Norah and Doris, to help him maintain his mobility, and they have brought great joy into all their lives. This year, instead of presents for his fortieth, he decided to ask for donations to LTW instead. He raised a whopping £200 for Trailhound Welfare which he presented to us at Leeds Dogs Trust show in August. Thank you TLJ for your support and help at the show.

Jim and Doris Leeds Aug

Trudy Seagon – Legacy

We at Lakeland Trailhound Welfare would like to pay tribute to Trudy Seagon who passed away in 2015. We would also like to extend our deepest sympathy to Trudy’s family for their loss. Trudy had been in touch with Trailhound Welfare over the years. Her parents had 2 hounds that they adopted 15 years ago, Sam and Jack.  Trudy left a generous donation to Trailhound Welfare for which we are indebted.

Team Trailie to the rescue!

When retired trailhound Jan went missing on a visit to Norfolk, her distraught owners from County Durham put her details on DOGLOST. Eagle eyed trailie owners saw the appeal and shared the information on Facebook. Norfolk trailie owners joined together to go out in search parties to help look for Jan. With the help of their trailies, a cooked chicken and a lurcher called Chattanooga they managed to catch the nervous Jan and reunite her with her family. We would like to thank Jan’s owners for their very kind £50 donation to LTW.



Thank you for your support in 2015

We would like to thank all our volunteers, supporters, adopters, supporting rehoming charities for their support. In 2015, we took in 76 trailhounds (and 1 foxhound puppy who needed emergency medical treatment). As well as privately homing a number of hounds, we have been so lucky to have the support of Dogs Trust, WARS in Malvern and Margaret Green Shelter in Devon. Without them all, we could not rehome so many hounds.

Thank you to family & friends of Peggy Horsley

Peggy and Buacail 3Peggy Horsley, one of hound trailing legends, sadly passed away in August 2015 at the age of 90. She is well known for her association with a number of famous hounds, Buacail being one of the most noted as 3 times Champion in the 1970’s. Peggy from Borrowdale has sometimes been referred to as ‘The Lady in Red’ as she always wore a red garment which may have contributed to Buacail spotting her at the finish line and putting an extra spurt on to get to her. For anyone interested in reading about Peggy and Buacail an article about them was printed in a book called Lakeland Profiles by Red Woods. Click the link HERE to read the chapter in full.

Peggy’s daughter Ann, and granddaughter Andrea, felt as Peggy adored her hounds so much, that a fitting tribute would be to ask for donations from friends and family on behalf of Trailhound Welfare. A total of £504.67 (which included £103.52 donated at Mirkholme trails) was raised. Thank you so much to all who contributed. It means a lot to a small organisation like ours to have your support.

Thank you to the BHTA

Megan BHTA 3Massive THANK YOU for the Border Hound Trailing Association for raising £320 for LTW at their Sandale trails last Sunday. Thank you to Barbara Telford for arranging it, Jenny Horn for donating the cake money and all supporters who attended. We really appreciate your support.

Trailhound Figurine auction ends 31st October

Ann Shambrook is selling this beautiful trailhound figurine, designed and painted by herself. One of a very small edition. Individually handpainted in original colours to ensure it is totally unique. Proceeds to go to Lakeland Trailhound Welfare.  Click on pictures to enlarge.

We are running an online auction for this figurine on our Facebook page, HERE If you are not on Facebook but would like to put a bid in by 31st October 2015 please email us at


Ann 1