Thank you to the BHTA

Megan BHTA 3Massive THANK YOU for the Border Hound Trailing Association for raising £320 for LTW at their Sandale trails last Sunday. Thank you to Barbara Telford for arranging it, Jenny Horn for donating the cake money and all supporters who attended. We really appreciate your support.

Trailhound Figurine auction ends 31st October

Ann Shambrook is selling this beautiful trailhound figurine, designed and painted by herself. One of a very small edition. Individually handpainted in original colours to ensure it is totally unique. Proceeds to go to Lakeland Trailhound Welfare.  Click on pictures to enlarge.

We are running an online auction for this figurine on our Facebook page, HERE If you are not on Facebook but would like to put a bid in by 31st October 2015 please email us at


Ann 1

Thank you Helen Farrer

Thank you so much to Helen Farrer for raising £165 for Trailhound Welfare this summer. Helen raised the money doing car boot sales and we know how much time it takes in terms of preparation beforehand, then a long day selling followed by all the work packing things away after. Helen has a retired hound and a currently racing hound and is supportive of the work we do. Once again, THANK YOU. If anyone else would like to support us, please get in touch as we can provide a few leaflets. See our ABOUT page for more info.

Helen Farrer small


Jane runs again for trailies on October 4th


I am running my first (and my last) marathon on 4th Oct 2015 in Chester. It has been a something I have dreamt of doing since watching the London Marathon as a child but being useless and sport and being a bit of a couch potato it has always seemed an impossible dream. Well it must have been a midlife crisis that galvanised me to attempt to do this. It has been a long time in training – I started running 4 years ago and having completed 3 half marathons it is time to do the big one. Though the hounds could do this in at least a couple of hours it will take me much a lot longer!!  I have 6 hours before they take the finish line down so I want to cross it before then (it will be close as I am anticipating it will take be aroud 5:45 – 6 hours according to my current training times). It will be the last because I have really not enjoyed the training and have struggled to find the time to fit this in around work and because I don’t think my limbs will let me (especially my knee).

Please support Jane to achieve her dream and support our trailies by donating at

Update: Jane ran the marathon in 5 hours and 25 minutes. WELL DONE. At the moment, she has raised £265 for Trailhound Welfare but there is still time to donate if you follow the link above.

Thank you to the Mark family of Cumwhitton

Lakeland Trailhound Welfare would like to extend its sincere condolences to Alice Mark and her family, on hearing that David Mark passed away recently. 4 generations of the Mark family are involved in hound trailing and many people will remember their hound Summer Flight who was senior champion in the BHTA in 2003, 2004 and 2005. At the recent church service, donations were invited on behalf of Lakeland Trailhound Welfare and the sum of £650 was raised. We would like to thank everyone who contributed as that is an incredible donation for a small organisation such as ours. We are a small charity that is run entirely with volunteers so the money will all go towards the care of hounds before they go into their new homes.

David Mark 2 Summer FlightMark family

Eileen Robinson

12/05/2015. I think many people have now heard that Eileen Robinson has now retired Cold Fell Eileenfrom Lakeland Trailhound Welfare due to ill health. I know that everyone, trailers and adopters alike, will all remember Eileen for her utter dedication and passion in homing retired trailhounds for almost 20 years. She has been instrumental in the successful rehoming of over 1,000 hounds.

Eileen is not currently able to email or speak to all her well-wishers, but I know we are all thinking positive thoughts for her and her family, and hope that she is able to make a full recovery.

We are planning a rather wonderful retirement gift for Eileen. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed and we will let you know in due course what gifts we have bought her.

Over the years, Eileen built up contacts with a number of reputable rehoming centres all over the country that were able to help us to find wonderful new homes. She always had very high standards about where she sent hounds. Thanks to the reputation she built up, we have been continuing the rehoming since her illness in mid-January. We will carry on privately homing hounds as well as sending them to other centres. Please do not hesitate to contact Sue Lloyd if you have any questions or if you have a trailhound to rehome. Before her illness, Eileen had been discussing retiring this year and it has always been her dearest wish that the rehoming continues. Let’s make it happen!

October 2015. Thank you to everyone who donate towards Eileen’s gifts. We commissioned 2 paintings of Eileen and Keith’s hounds, Matty Brown & Jimmy Brown. We also bought a number of other gifts for her. Please keep Eileen in your thoughts.

Painting small photo 3 photo 4

Donations – thank-you!

Thank you to Ann & Ian Bell who donated £100 to Trailhound Welfare in May 2015.

At the Helton trails in April 2014, Ann & Ian Bell very kindly donated £120 to Trailhound Welfare from money raised at practice trails at Grayrigg over the winter.

At the 2012 May Day trails at Kirkstone, we were presented with a cheque for £120. Thank-you to Ann & Ian Bell for raising the money at the winter trials.

Noah gets muddy for Make a Wish and Trailhound Welfare!

WELL DONE, NOAH!! 8 year old supporter Noah completed the GELT GLADIATOR family mile on 16th May 2015.
He took part in order to raise money for “The Lakeland Trailhound Welfare” and the “Make a Wish foundation UK”.

If you would like to support Noah, please go to his Just Giving page HERE which will remain open until the end of May 2015. Click pictures to enlarge.

Lassie & Millie

Noah Noah Hearn 6

Paddy takes his Bronze Good Citizen test at Crufts!

Paddy at Crufts March 15Lovely Paddy, who retired to the Malvern Hills area in 2013, went to Crufts this year with his training group, The Happy Dog Training Co. Along with a number of other dogs from his club, Paddy was there to take his Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze award. Paddy passed with flying colours and took all the excitement in his stride. Well done Paddy and his owner Michele! Click photo to enlarge.

Hand made wooden hounds

Wooden hounds 2Our very talented supporters, Helen and Simon, have come up with some lovely littleWooden hounds wooden hounds in 3 different sizes that can be ordered from them. You can send them photos of your hound and they will paint the hound in their general colours. Or just ask for a selection of colours. They will make super presents at all times of the year as well as great Christmas presents. The smaller ones are perfect as tree decorations.

Prices are: £5 for the large size, £4.00 for the medium size and £3.50 for the small size. You can buy a set of 6 small ones for £15.00. All prices are plus postage and packaging of £4. (A single hound may be cheaper to post. Please contact Helen & Simon direct for postage prices).  Click on pictures to enlarge.

Contact Helen and Simon on for more details.