Trailhounds looking for loving homes

Listed below are some of the trailhounds currently available for adoption. We are able to supply a full history of each hound, e.g whether they have lived with children, cats, other dogs etc. We take in around 60 hounds a year; some we home ourselves and some go to reputable rehoming centres throughout the country. We ensure hounds are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and visit you in your home so that we can answer any questions fully. There is a £90 adoption donation. We have teamed up with PETPLAN Insurance and offer 1 month free insurance when you adopt a hound from us. If you are new to trailhounds, please carefully read our FAQ and training page to be sure that a trailhound is the right type of breed for you.

Initial enquiries: 01697478383 (Sue) or 07773 25235 (Sue) or 07958 517366 (Barbara) Email: trailhoundwelfare@hotmail.co.uk

Most pictures below are thumbnails. Click on picture to enlarge. Page updated on 04/08/2020

02/08/2020 Covid-19 update. All rehoming is being done whilst observing government guidelines.

HOUND TRAILERS – Please ring Sue or Barbara if you have a hound you wish to rehome.

ADOPTERS –  Contact us and we will send you a pre adoption form. We have received an unprecedented number of enquiries all over the country since March 2020. We always match the right hound with the right family but we currently have more people waiting than available hounds.

As well as privately homing hounds, we also send some to other rehoming centres. If you see one on this page that you are interested in, contact the centre directly to register interest but please be aware – their own homing criteria will apply.

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Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter, Deblins Green, Malvern, Worcs

WARS regularly take trailhounds on our behalf. Why not ring them for a chat or call in and see them, to register your interest in a trailhound. They will keep you informed when a suitable hound goes there. They often have a waiting list for trailhounds as they ate Very popular in the area.

Contact WARS for more details. Tel: 01905 831651 Visit their website to see available hounds  WARS WEBSITE

Trent aged 11 and half was homed by WARS back in 2017. However, due to owners circumstance beyond their control Trent has been returned to WARS. He is a lovely laid back trailhound who just wants walks, strokes and to sleep.. then sleep some more.

Trent loves spending a lot of his time in the garden sunbathing and enjoying the feel of the grass on his feet. Although he does enjoy being in the house his new owners will have to be okay with a doggie that likes a bit of solitude now and then.

He loves long walks and sleeping. Thats it haha. Hes a fantastic dog with lots of personality. Although he a bit of a golden oldie has has lots of life in him and would make a fantastic addition to the family.

Lots more information about Trent’s perfect home can be found HERE


Jack, aged 6 and half

Jack is a handsome 6 and half year old chilled out boy, who is looking for a relaxed retirement home.  He is good around children and has seen cats but not lived with them. He currently lives with female hounds and may be a perfect companion to another dog.
Jack has had a bit of lameness when racing which will not affect him as a general pet. He has been neutered and fully health checked. He loves long walks followed by lots of kisses and cuddles. As with all our hounds, he will need a secure garden and owners with time to spend teaching him all about becoming a house pet.
Jack will be staying with his racing owner while we help to look for his perfect home. An adopter will need to travel to Cumbria to meet him. He is a lovely, gentle boy who will be a great companion.

jack-graham-5 jack-graham-4 jack-graham-3 jack-graham-2 jack-graham-1


All hounds that go to Dogs Trust are independently assessed by the Dogs Trust. We give them as much background as we can but ultimately they make their own decision about which is the most suitable home for that dog. Please bear that in mind if you make an enquiry about any of the hounds we have sent there.

Sam aged 4. Lovely big boy. Used to children and cats. Friendly boy. ADOPTED

Dixie, aged 8, Sweet girl. ADOPTED


Canterbury Dogs Trust 

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Evie, aged 4

Evie is a very sweet young lady who loves everyone and everything. She can be a bit unsure of new experiences and just needs a sensitive owner who will take their time introducing her to new things. she may benefit from a home with previous experience of hounds.
Evie has lived with cats, dogs, children and other animals. EVIE CURRENTLY HAS STRONG INTEREST FROM A FAMILY ON OUR WAITING LIST

evie-napier-1-small evie-napier-2-small


Rascal, female aged 9 and half

Say hello to adorable Rascal, who is 9 and half years young. She is a sweet girl who is looking for her fab retirement home. Rascal is a little bit shy until she gets to know you. She is used to living in a very rural setting and can be quite worried by noises such as thunder and lightening. Her owner feels she would be happy to be an only pet but she does get on with dogs and cats.

Rascal has a little bit of arthritis in her joints which only affects her if she has been running around too much along with the younger hounds.  She is looking for a fairly laid back home in a quiet location with regular shorter walks and a nice secure garden to potter around in. She would suit an active retired couple. She walks nicely on a lead and is well behaved off lead (although a new owner must keep her on lead until a strong bond has been established). Prospective adopters will need to come to Cumbria to meet her. Click links to see YouTube videos of Rascal  VIDEO 1      Video 2      Video 3

rascal-1 rascal-2 rascal-3 rascal-6 rascal-4


We are indebted to Dogs Trust who take some of our trailhounds for rehoming. It gives people the opportunity to meet and adopt from all parts of the country. Please note that once a hound is in their care then their homing procedures and policies apply. We are always happy to talk to you about your hound but Dogs Trust make their own assessments when the hound is in their care. Various Dogs Trust kennels throughout the country take our hounds (mainly Leeds, Harefield and Canterbury) so please revisit this page regularly for updates.

Harefield Dogs Trust

Please contact Harefield direct for more information


Hounds looking for homes

29/06/2020 We will be looking for separate homes for the following hounds.  They are all used to dogs, cats, children and livestock. They are friendly hounds who will make super pets.

Casper, male aged 8 years is a lovely, big hound. He is soppy and friendly with animals and people. We met him on the beach with his owner and he was good offlead. Currently still with his racing family. RESERVED

Peggy Sue, female aged 6 years is a friendly girl who will make a super pet. Peggy is very agile and will need 6 foot fencing. Peggy Sue would like a home with another Trailhound who will help to build her confidence, and owners who are around most of the time. HAS INTEREST

Jazz, aged 2 years, is a sweet young girl who we have just taken in to assess. ADOPTED

Rocky, is a very big 5 year old hound and is a lovely boy who gets on with people and other animals. Rocky may prefer the company of female dogs to male dogs although he currently shares a kennel with a boy dog. He is a very big, strong boy and for this reason will benefit from an experienced home. Currently still with his racing owner.

Pictures from left to right: Jazz, Rocky, Peggy-Sue, Casper.

JazzRocky Peggy Sue Casper

Other hound types in other rehoming centres

Although we primarily promote trailhounds looking for homes (and love them so much that we want you to adopt one!), we also like to support other organisations so occasionally list different hounds on this page. Here are some organisations that home other hound breeds and hound crosses.

Dogs Trust – national organisation with rehoming centres all over the UK. Use their drop down menu to find a hound breed, usually listed as trailhound, beagle, harrier or foxhound.

Beagle Welfare – rehomimg centre at Burton 0n Trent. Also have beagles in foster homes throughout the country.

Foxhound Welfare UK – based in the North East near Newcastle but homes throughout the country. Has variety of hound breeds for adoption.