Trailhounds looking for loving homes

Listed below are some of the trailhounds currently available for adoption. We are able to supply a full history of each hound, e.g whether they have lived with children, cats, other dogs etc. We take in around 60 hounds a year; some we home ourselves and some go to reputable rehoming centres throughout the country. We ensure hounds are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and visit you in your home so that we can answer any questions fully. There is a £90 adoption donation. We have teamed up with PETPLAN Insurance and offer 1 month free insurance when you adopt a hound from us. If you are new to trailhounds, please carefully read our FAQ and training page to be sure that a trailhound is the right type of breed for you.

Initial enquiries: 01697478383 (Sue) or 07773 25235 (Sue) or 07958 517366 (Barbara) Email: trailhoundwelfare@hotmail.co.uk

Most pictures below are thumbnails. Click on picture to enlarge. Page updated on 07/09/2020

02/08/2020 Covid-19 update. All rehoming is being done whilst observing government guidelines.

HOUND TRAILERS – Please ring Sue or Barbara if you have a hound you wish to rehome. We can discuss if you wish us to assist you to privately home your hound (either by it staying with you until adopted OR for it to come into our care until adopted)  OR if you are happy for it to go to an external rehoming centre, in which case they take over sole responsibility for it.

ADOPTERS –  Contact us and we will send you a pre adoption form. We have received an unprecedented number of enquiries all over the country since March 2020. We always match the right hound with the right family but we currently have more people waiting than available hounds.

As well as privately homing hounds, we also send some to other rehoming centres. If you see one on this page that you are interested in, contact the centre directly to register interest but please be aware – their own homing criteria will apply.

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Roxy, female aged 4 and half

Roxy is a 4 and half year old girl who is looking for her special home. Roxy is a bit nervous of new people but soon becomes your friend, especially if you have a tasty treat. She currently lives with her racing family in a beautiful and quiet area of the fells. Roxy would need an experienced dog owner who has a relatively quiet lifestyle in order for her to settle in. An adopter would need to come and visit her to spend time getting to know her before adoption. She could live with another dog, and is used to being around cats too. She is a gentle girl and could live with children. Roxy has had bouts of sciatica which we can discuss with her potential adopter. It does not present as a problem to her when she is not racing and doing normal pet activity and exercise.      Video 1        Video 2

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Lassie, aged 8 and half

Sweet Lassie is looking for her perfect retirement home. She is a super friendly hound who walks nicely on a lead. She enjoys her walks and is an active girl. Lassie currently lives with other hounds although she has not met cats. She is very person oriented especially if she knows you have treats in your pocket. As with all our hounds, she will need recall training before going off lead, especially if there are people around enjoying a picnic!

Lassie currently lives with her racing owner in the North Lakes area, so will need an adopter to come to Cumbria to meet her. She has yet to be speyed – this will be happening over the next few weeks. Lassie is unusual in that she loves to play chase and catch with a tennis ball! She will carry the ball on walks if she is allowed. We will be visiting her again soon to get more photos as it was pouring with rain when we met her recently (hence the red coat!)

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Bob, aged 6 and half

Bob has retired from racing and is on the look out for his very own sofa. His racing owner would like Bob to stay with him until homed so an adopter will need to come to West Cumbria to meet him.  He is a large hound who is quite a softy who gets on with other hounds, children and cats.  He loves to put his paws up on your shoulder to give you a big soppy kiss. He will need house training as he has lived in a kennel so will need a home with previous dog experience. Bob has a minor wrist injury which causes lameness when he races 10 miles with a lot of jumps. As an average pet doing normal dog activity it will not be a problem but we would not recommend a home wishing to do activities such as canicross etc. Short videos of Bob walking well on lead: VIDEO 1     VIDEO 2

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Jack, aged 6 and half

Jack is a handsome 6 and half year old chilled out boy, who is looking for a relaxed retirement home.  He is good around children and has seen cats but not lived with them. He currently lives with female hounds and may be a perfect companion to another dog.
Jack has had a bit of lameness when racing which will not affect him as a general pet. He has been neutered and fully health checked. He loves long walks followed by lots of kisses and cuddles. As with all our hounds, he will need a secure garden and owners with time to spend teaching him all about becoming a house pet.
Jack will be staying with his racing owner while we help to look for his perfect home. An adopter will need to travel to Cumbria to meet him. He is a lovely, gentle boy who will be a great companion.

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Abi seeks occasional fostering


Abi – Trail Hound, DOB 9th April 2014
Abi is a very typical trail hound, rehomed at 10 months via WARS and LTW. We are hoping to find an experienced trailhound family home that for some periods of time can keep her in the luxury to which she has been accustomed while we visit family overseas. This could range from a few weeks to several months. We have used kennels in the past and while she was OK she can suffer from anxiety so we would rather like to find a family home. We are happy to pay either the foster home or as a donation to LTW.
We live near Aberystwyth but also have a base near Maidstone in Kent. We are happy to travel to find the right place.
Here’s some specifics on her:-

  • I am house trained; I paw at my masters or whine at the door if I need to go out
  • I understand “sit”
  • My recall command is “Abi here” It can be selective if there is a really good smell to follow.
  • I understand “sit and wait” for my food and wait for “OK” to start eating
  • I eat twice a day – morning and tea time – one large cup full of dry food
  • I will do almost anything for treats (just pieces of my normal food but sausages if you must!)
  • I am good with other dogs but sometimes bark at other dogs when on my lead  I’m used to sleeping with other dogs
  • I have stayed with cats but need to be introduced first and it’s best if they show me who’s boss.
  • I’m nervous of adult strangers especially if they approach me – I prefer to go up to them in my own time
  • I am very good with children it’s just the grownups I worry about sometimes.
  • After a long walk I just like to crash out – normally on my masters settee!
  • I walk well on either collar or harness – harness is best in strange places with lots of people about
  • I can be left alone in the house but look out for my party tricks (see below)

Party Tricks

  • I can open any door or gate with a lever handle. I can even open doors with a round knob if it’s not too stiff
  • I can open kitchen cupboards if there is no one around
  • I can jump fences and gates although the height I can’t clear is getting lower as I get older – 6 foot to be on the safe side.
  • I am very good at Dog Agility – yes, really!

Initial enquiries please via us at trailhoundwelfare@hotmail.co.uk

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Bess aged 3 and half

05/09/2020 Bess is a sweet little pocket rocket, weighing in at 18.5kg. She lived with her sister Gemma who we rehomed a few weeks ago. Bess is currently in our care and awaiting her spey operation in a couple of weeks. As Bess was used to going for long walks in quiet, rural areas, she is quite nervous of noises, especially vehicles coming up behind her. With this in mind, she will be better in a home with quiet exercise areas so that she can slowly build up her confidence. She will benefit from a home with a spacious and secure garden to run around.

Bess is a cuddle monster and loves nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa all evening. She could live as an only dog but would love friends to come around for play dates. Equally she would be happy living with another dog. We are cat testing her soon to check how she is around cats. Bess has been clean in the house while in our care but house training is always an ongoing process so a new owner must prepare for this. Bess will benefit from people who are around much of the time to help to settle her in. They should have experience and patience so that they can calmly introduce her to various life experiences. She has not lived with children and may find some homes a bit too busy whilst she adjusts, but she would be absolutely fine with visiting children. BESS CURRENTLY HAS INTEREST FROM SOMEONE ON OUR WAITING LIST.

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Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter, Deblins Green, Malvern, Worcs

WARS regularly take trailhounds on our behalf. Why not ring them for a chat or call in and see them, to register your interest in a trailhound. They will keep you informed when a suitable hound goes there. They often have a waiting list for trailhounds as they are very popular in the area.

Contact WARS for more details. Tel: 01905 831651 Visit their website to see available hounds  WARS WEBSITE

RESERVED Trent aged 11 and half was homed by WARS back in 2017. However, due to owners circumstance beyond their control Trent has been returned to WARS. He is a lovely laid back trailhound who just wants walks, strokes and to sleep.. then sleep some more.

Trent loves spending a lot of his time in the garden sunbathing and enjoying the feel of the grass on his feet. Although he does enjoy being in the house his new owners will have to be okay with a doggie that likes a bit of solitude now and then.

He loves long walks and sleeping. He is a fantastic dog with lots of personality although he a bit of a golden oldie has has lots of life in him and would make a fantastic addition to the family.

Lots more information about Trent’s perfect home can be found HERE



We are indebted to Dogs Trust who take some of our trailhounds for rehoming. It gives people the opportunity to meet and adopt from all parts of the country. Please note that once a hound is in their care then their homing procedures and policies apply. We are always happy to talk to you about your hound but Dogs Trust make their own assessments when the hound is in their care. Various Dogs Trust kennels throughout the country take our hounds (mainly Leeds, Harefield and Canterbury) so please revisit this page regularly for updates.

Rocky, boy aged 5 years. ROCKY RESERVED
Rascal, girl aged 9 years.

Canterbury Dogs Trust 



Other hound types in other rehoming centres

Although we primarily promote trailhounds looking for homes (and love them so much that we want you to adopt one!), we also like to support other organisations so occasionally list different hounds on this page. Here are some organisations that home other hound breeds and hound crosses.

Dogs Trust – national organisation with rehoming centres all over the UK. Use their drop down menu to find a hound breed, usually listed as trailhound, beagle, harrier or foxhound.

Beagle Welfare – rehomimg centre at Burton 0n Trent. Also have beagles in foster homes throughout the country.

Foxhound Welfare UK – based in the North East near Newcastle but homes throughout the country. Has variety of hound breeds for adoption.