Trailhounds looking for loving homes

Below are some of the trailhounds currently available for adoption (there are more not yet on the website). We work closely with the racing owners to help find suitable retirement homes, and are able to supply a full history of each hound, e.g whether they have lived with children, cats, etc. We take in around 40 hounds a year; most we home ourselves and some go to reputable rehoming centres throughout the country. Hounds are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. We usually visit you in your home so that we can answer any questions. There is a £150 adoption donation. We offer 1 month free insurance with PETPLAN Insurance. If you are new to trailhounds, please carefully read our FAQ and training page to be sure that a trailhound is the right breed for you.

PLEASE NOTE – NOT ALL OF OUR AVAILABLE HOUNDS ARE LISTED BELOW. SOME WE ARE WAITING TO MEET AND GET PHOTOS OF.  If you are interested in adopting, it is worth getting our questionnaire back to us so that you can be added to the waiting list. 

Initial enquiries: 01697478383 (Sue) or 07773 252350 (Sue) or 07958 517366 (Barbara)

Email: trailhoundwelfare@hotmail.co.uk

Most pictures are thumbnails. Click on picture to enlarge. Page updated on 23/07/2024

INTERESTED IN ADOPTING? –  Contact us and we will send you a pre adoption form. Once we know what you are looking for, we can see if we have a match.

If you are interested in a hound listed below that is in another rehoming centre, contact the centre directly to register interest – their own homing criteria will apply.

HOUND TRAILERS – Please ring Sue or Barbara if you have a hound you wish to rehome.
We can offer the following options:
* We can find a home privately for your hound (either with it staying with you until adopted OR for it to come into our care until adopted).
* We can send your hound to a trusted external rehoming centre, in which case they take over sole responsibility for it. We have been lucky to be supported by these centres for many years, and they find fantastic homes.
* If you decide to find a retirement home yourselves without our input, we are still happy to pay for neutering, and to assist with home checks, if you require it.
* If you have a hound that needs to come in urgently, we are always happy to try and help without a long wait.
* If you have a hound with a racing injury, please get in touch. We have previously found great homes for hounds, including amputees, once we have had their vet work done. We are happy to cover vet costs.



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Norman, aged 2 years

Meet Norman who is 2 years old. He is such a sweet young dog. Lovely Norman is a bit ‘special’. His owners think he may have been starved of oxygen briefly at birth. He has one or 2 slight neurological issues which we will discuss with interested people. Due to this, he has never raced but he stayed within his racing owners family as a house pet. Due to changes in circumstances, they feel Norman will be happier in a home that can give him more time.

  • Norman is house trained
  • Norman is neutered
  • Norman is an active boy and needs an active home
  • Norman loves to go running so would be a great candidate for Canicross, park runs or general keep fit runners
  • Norman is used to living with dogs, children and cats
  • Norman does not jump over average sized fencing
  • Norman lives in west Cumbria and would need prospective adopters to visit him there

Please email us for more details.

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Betty aged 5 years

Say hi to lovely girl, Betty. She is 5 years old and looking for a 5 star retirement home. She is a super friendly and engaging girl. Betty could live on her own or with a calm and easy going dog. She has not lived with cats.  She walks nicely on a lead. She has been neutered and vaccinated. Betty is living with us with other dogs in north Cumbria. She is clean in the home. See Betty on Instagram HERE

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Lilo and Barney

We have 3 young hounds who are currently with their racing family near Carlisle. All 3 are being homed separately. Potential adopters will need to arrange to come to Cumbria to meet these hounds at their home.

Barney is a 3 year old boy. He is a lively and outgoing boy. Friendly although may be a bit shy of new people at first. Barney will need a secure garden as he is quite a good jumper.

Lilo is a 1 year old girl. She is a petite little girl -pocket rocket, currently weighing around 14kg. She is super sweet, a little unsure of new experiences but very loving and affectionate. Lilo is very unusual in that she is a hermaphrodite, meaning she has male and female organs. She has been neutered and the condition should not affect her in any way. She is an active girl and will need a home where she can get out on adventures regularly. Will benefit a garden to have some zoomies in and maybe another friendly dog to live with

Belle is a 1 year old girl. BELLE HAS BEEN ADOPTED


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Dozer, aged 5 years

Say hi to Dozer. He is 5 years old and has now retired from racing. Dozer is a lovely and calm boy who is a bit shy when he first meets you but soon comes round when he knows you have a biscuit in your pocket.  Dozer has a slight injury to his front ankle but is fine doing average pet dog walks. As a precaution we will be xraying his ankle when he is castrated. Dozer has met cats and also lives with children and other dogs. Send us an email if you would like to know more about him.

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Gus, 13 month old pocket rocket

Meet little Gus, a 13 month old “pocket rocket” who weighs in at 15kgs and is only about knee high.  He is not likely to grow anymore and what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in delivering fun and love 😊 He is an affectionate little boy, a definite lap dog in training as he loves to cuddle up with you.

Gus came into our care just about a month ago and he is a wonderful little Trailhound. For a young pup, he has been brilliant in the house, no chewing and will ask to go outside to toilet – the slight downside is that he has been watching our boy, Finn, and now knows how to open doors, however his legs are a little on the short side to reach most handles! Gus has met cats at his racing home but hasn’t encountered any whilst in our care.  Like most Trailhounds, Gus has soon learnt to travel well, we regularly do 3 to 5 hour journeys and he now takes them in his stride, he has been left in the car for an hour or so without any problem too. He has been very good with other dogs, a bit on the playful side, but respectful when he’s put in his place by older dogs.  He loves to play with his toys, either with you or on his own, and a huge fan of zoomies round the garden. So far, Gus has shown good recall, obviously his new adoptive family will need to continue to work on this to ensure it continues to be secure.

However, Gus has struggled with separation anxiety, but, with time and patience, this has improved amazingly over these last weeks. When he first arrived, he did not want to be left alone at all, day or night and took no comfort in having Finn with him. But now he sleeps in his bed for 7/8 hours overnight, sometimes with Finn and sometimes they are in different rooms.  Gus has also been left him on several occasions for periods between 30 minutes to 2 hours and now, although he paces around for a few minutes when we leave, he then settles down in his bed or seeks out Finn (we have a camera in place to keep an eye on him!)  It is highly likely that Gus will regress when he goes to live in a new home and his separation anxiety will return, but with time and patience and when he learns to trust you, he will be back to where he is now in his progress.  Gus may be better with another dog to help him adjust, but being an only dog hasn’t been ruled out either. Check out Gus video on facebook  HERE or Instagram HERE

For more information please contact Barbara on 07958 517366 or email barbara@trailhoundwelfare.org.uk

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Larry, aged 3 years

12/07/2024. LARRY HAS A VIEWING BOOKED IN AUGUST  Larry is a lovely 3 year old boy who is currently living with his racing family on a farm in north Cumbria. He lives with dogs, cats and other farm animals. No racing injuries. Nice boy to walk on a lead. Friendly. We met him recently to take him for a walk and get some initial photos. Will be a great pet for an active home. Will need recall training, as do all our hounds. We are getting him neutered and vacc’d soon.  Check out Larry video on our Instagram page HERE

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Ned, aged 4 years

21/07/2024 NED IS ON A HOME TRIAL Meet Ned who is a very soft and loving 4 year old boy. He loves to snuggle and give lots of kisses. Very friendly with other dogs. His racing family feel that, with his kind temperament that he will be fine with cats, and they are going to cat test him. Social boy who likes being around people and children. Loves to be out and about on the fells. His owners would love an active home for him. They would prefer him to be homed with someone who can come to west Cumbria to initially meet him. We went to meet Ned recently and took him for a walk on the beach. Check out his video on our Instagram page HERE

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Rosie aged 5 years

23/07/24 update – ROSIE HAS BEEN ADOPTED. Meet Rosie, she is 5 years old. She is calm and loves cuddles. Good around her family’s children. Rosie is still with her racing owners at the moment.


Bob aged 11 years

21/07/24 BOB IS ON A HOME TRIAL  Bob is an 11 year old hound who is looking for an active retirement home. He has always lived in a kennel but is now getting used to being in a home and is adapting really well. Bob is DEAF and we are working on using a hand signal for recall. He should be kept on a lead if not in a secure area. He walks nicely on a lead. Bob is a lovely, gentle boy.

Older hounds adapt really well to the sofa life so do not be put off by his age! He is an active boy who gets on with other dogs that he is currently staying with.