Trailhounds looking for loving homes

Listed below are some of the trailhounds currently available for adoption. We are able to supply a full history of each hound, e.g whether they have lived with children, cats, other dogs etc. We take in around 60 hounds a year; many we home ourselves and some go to reputable rehoming centres throughout the country. We ensure hounds are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and visit you in your home so that we can answer any questions fully. There is a £120 adoption donation. We offer 1 month free insurance with PETPLAN Insurance when you adopt a hound from us. If you are new to trailhounds, please carefully read our FAQ and training page to be sure that a trailhound is the right type of breed for you.

Initial enquiries: 01697478383 (Sue) or 07773 252350 (Sue) or 07958 517366 (Barbara) Email: trailhoundwelfare@hotmail.co.uk

Most pictures below are thumbnails. Click on picture to enlarge. Page updated on 09/08/2022

HOUND TRAILERS – Please ring Sue or Barbara if you have a hound you wish to rehome. We can discuss if you wish us to assist you to privately home your hound (either by it staying with you until adopted OR for it to come into our care until adopted)  OR if you are happy for it to go to an external rehoming centre, in which case they take over sole responsibility for it. If you decide to find a home yourselves, we are still happy to pay for neutering, and to assist with advice and home checks, if you require it.

ADOPTERS –  Contact us and we will send you a pre adoption form. We have received an unprecedented number of enquiries all over the country since March 2020. We always match the right hound with the right family but we currently have more people waiting than available hounds.

As well as privately homing hounds, we also send some to other rehoming centres. If you see one on this page that you are interested in, contact the centre directly to register interest but please be aware – their own homing criteria will apply.


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Mel, aged 6 years

Meet Mel, she is 6 years old and only a small girl with a lovely, soft temperament. Mel is good with children and other dogs. She doesn’t pull on the lead. She is looking forward to a retirement filled with walks, sunbathing & reclining on a sofa – oh and lots of treats of course!!

For more details, please contact Barbara Leopold on 07958 517366 or email barbara@crconsultancy.co.uk


Lassie, aged 4 years

Lassie is a 4 year old girl who is currently with her racing owners in Carlisle. Lassie is a sweet girl who is quite shy of new people and situations. She would love to live with another dog who will help her to build up confidence. Lassie has been around dogs, cats and children. She will need a garden with good fencing as she is quite agile. Lassie has retired from racing due to a minor wrist injury but this has cleared up now that she is not racing anymore.

lassie-telford-2 lassie-telford-1

Blaze, aged 4 years

Blaze is a lovely and friendly 4 year old boy who is currently living in west Lakes, Cumbria with his racing owner. They have started to introduce him to life in the house and he is LOVING IT! He will be a super and affectionate companion.

Blaze is good with other dogs and around children. Not really been in contact with cats. Blaze injured his stifle while racing so has retired but he will be fine as a pet having normal exercise. If you would like to know more about Blaze then please contact us.

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Eli is a 7 year old trailhound who is currently in the care of Oak tree Animals’ Charity, near Carlisle, Cumbria. Eli is a lovely boy who will be a wonderful companion for someone. Eli is available to foster or adopt. For more details, read all about Eli’s needs on the OTAC website. Please contact OTAC directly for more information. ELI DETAILS HERE

eli-3 eli-2 eli

Sully aged 4 years

Sully is a 4 year old boy who was rehomed in February 2021 in the north Lakes area in Cumbria. Through no fault of his own, Sully’s owners can no longer keep him and are looking for a new home for him. He was not homed through ourselves but his family have asked if we can help to find him a home whilst he stays with them.

His owners describe Sully as a sofa dog who enjoys being spoilt rotten. He would benefit from a home that can give him more attention. He has been living with other dogs and with cats. Sully has been around children. He can be left for periods of time. He has some recall but that needs working on. Sully is an easy going dog but his owners feel he would be better having plenty of one to one attention and maybe finds a busy home too much.

If you are interested, please contact us in the first instance.

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Timmy aged 5

Hi everyone, my name is Timmy. I am a 5 year old retired lad who is looking for a home that has a sofa and pillow for my head, an open fire would be nice, a few Hoomans (but no real small ones please) and maybe a girlfriend to call my own.

So here is a little bit about me. I didn’t do too badly in my early racing life until I injured a couple of the tendons in my knee. I have had an operation to fix it. Sadly I can’t race anymore but I’m good for decent walks, running about after a sniff and generally being a good retiree. Although I’ve mainly been a kennel dog, I’ve also lived in the house with a couple of crazy Patterdales, a few other Trailies, an assortment of rescued wildlife and a bossy boots Chihuahua who rules the roost. I’m mostly housetrained but sometimes I do forget, so if I become part of your life, I will need a bit of help remembering to start with.

I love my walks but the excitement can get to me to start with, and I confess I may pull a bit at the beginning but I do soon settle down and enjoy the sniffs at whatever pace you might like to go. Sadly a little while ago I had a ‘run in’ with a terrier which I confess made me a bit grumpy and so although I like other dogs, I do also like to have my own space to start with so I can assess their suitability for friendship. Perhaps we can work on this together? Oh and I do like being off lead but just short periods as apparently I go deaf and get excited about sniffs and smells – I’m not trying to be rude, its just they’re amazing. Perhaps we can work on this together too? Did I tell you I do love my treat training – sossiges especially so maybe that will help me be a good boy?

I think I might like to have a Girlfriend if you have a lady dog in the house already – as long as she’s pretty, gentle and won’t pinch my treats.  I have been neutered so I can assure you I will be a perfect gentleman! I’d also be very happy to be an only dog (obviously there are more chances to be spoilt!) as long as someone is around for a good portion of the day for snogs, stroking, cuddles and general exercising opportunities.

I’m a middle aged boy, who is young a heart, so ideally I love a quieter home where I can potter about with you, do lots of walking, chill in front of the fire… Are you thinking of retiring too and need someone to help keep you busy? I could be just the man for you!

If you think you might be interested in me, please email and ask for an adoption form. Lots of love. Timmy x

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Roz, Sue, Penny

We have some lovely hounds below, waiting for their retirement homes. They are all currently with their racing family in Cumbria. They are all used to children, cats, dogs and farm animals. All neutered and vaccinated.

ROZ aged 5. Sweet girl, will prefer a home with average exercise rather than excessive running, due to a previous minor racing injury.

SUE aged 5. Friendly girl

PENNY aged 6 Friendly girl

penny-napier sue-napier roz


Henry aged (nearly) 7

25/05/2022 Henry will be 7 in August and has now retired from racing. He is just the nicest and most endearing chap you could meet. He is friendly and relaxed, getting on fine with the other dogs he meets. He loves playing with the other hounds. He has previously been living around all sorts of animals on a farm, although he gets a bit too excited when he sees cats so will be best homed without them. Henry likes company so would love to live with another dog.
Henry will be a wonderful companion and soulmate for someone. He is currently in foster in Malvern, Worcestershire.  His foster family are full of praise for Henry. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Betty, aged 2 yrs at WARS in Malvern, Worcs

Betty is a lively and friendly 2 year old who has not really taken to racing. She is quite active and loves her walks. Betty will need a garden with good fencing as she is quite agile.

Contact Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter for more details. Tel: 01905 831651     WARS WEBSITE

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