Trailhounds looking for loving homes

We have a number of trailhounds available for rehoming. Below are listed a few of them. Please contact us for more details about hounds available for adoption. Contact details here. We are able to supply a full history with all the hounds that we rehome, e.g whether they have lived with children, cats, other dogs etc.  If you would like to adopt a trailhound directly from Cumbria, please ring or email us. We are indebted to the shelters throughout the country that help us by taking hounds for rehoming. We neuter, vaccinate, microchip, worm and flea treat hounds before rehoming. We come and do a home visit so that we can answer any questions fully that you may have about adopting a hound. We have a £70 adoption fee for boys and £90 for girls. We have teamed up with PETPLAN Insurance and offer 1 month free insurance when you adopt a hound from us. If you are new to trailhounds, please carefully read our FAQ and training page to be sure that a trailhound is the right type of breed for you.

Initial enquiries: 01697478383 or 07773 252350. Email: trailhoundwelfare@hotmail.co.uk

Most pictures below are thumbnails. Click on picture to enlarge. Page updated on 02/10/2017.

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Laddie looking for retirement home

Laddie has interest that we are following up on.

Meet our lovely boy, Laddie who is 10 and half years old. He came into Trailhound Welfare care on the 21st December 2016. Laddie has a lovely gentle temperament and gets on well with the 2 hounds he is currently living with. He is housetrained. Laddie will need a secure garden and be kept on a long lead when out on walks until trained to recall, as he loves to follow his nose. Laddie has been cat tested and ignored the cat so could live with them. He is an adorable chap who loves a long walk then settles down for the night snoozing on a comfortable bed! Laddie has been neutered and is vaccinated and chipped. He is currently in foster in Cumbria. Please email or telephone us for more details.

18/07/2017 UPDATE: At a recent vet visit, our vet did a scan which revealed a mass on Laddie’s spleen. He went in and had his spleen and the mass removed. Tests revealed that the lesion was non cancerous. He has bounced back to his normal happy self. We are indebted to our supporters and the BHTA who donated over £900 to cover the cost of his operation. We are still looking for a home for Laddie under our ‘assisted adoption’ scheme, which means we will cover costs for some of Laddie’s vet bills in the future.

See Laddie playing (more brown on head and body) HERE and HERE Also meeting a cat for first time HERE

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Jet aged 6 and a half

Jet is a beautiful confident girl who is looking for her special retirement home. Jet is very lively despite being over 6 years so will enjoy an active home. Jet is good around dogs, cats and children. She has a very kind nature. Jet is currently with her racing owners near South Lakes and a prospective adopter would need to visit her there as they wish to be part of the homing process. Jet has been neutered and vaccinated. Please contact us if you would like to know more about lovely Jet. Click on photos to enlarge.


Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter, Deblins Green, Malvern, Worcs

WARS regularly take trailhounds on our behalf. Why not ring them for a chat or call in and see them, to register your interest in a trailhound. They will keep you informed when a suitable hound goes there. They often have a waiting list for trailhounds as they are so popular.

Macy and Ollie – currently pursuing interest.


Contact WARS for more details. Tel: 01905 831651

Visit their website to see available hounds  WARS WEBSITE

Maggie and Betty

Maggie and Betty are sisters, aged 9 and half, who are both looking for lovely retirement homes. We would consider homing them together but they can also be homed separately. They are used to living on a farm with many other dogs, hounds, cats, children, hens, sheep, pigs and horses. They are lovely, friendly girls . Beware if you have chickens though – if Maggie hears them clucking, she knows they may have just laid an egg and goes off to find and steal it!

Maggie and Betty are currently with their racing owner in West Cumbria. A prospective adopter will need to go and visit them at their home. We like to come and do a home visit prior to adoption (unless you have previously adopted a trailhound). They will be speyed, vaccinated, chipped and health checked prior to adoption. For more details of these lovely girls please email trailhoundwelfare@hotmail.co.uk or ring 01697 478383.

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Dogs Trust

We are indebted to Dogs Trust who take some of our trailhounds for rehoming. It gives people the opportunity to meet and adopt from all parts of the country. Please note that once a hound is in their care then their homing procedures and policies apply. We are always happy to talk to you about your hound but Dogs Trust make their own assessments when the hound is in their care. Various Dogs Trust kennels throughout the country take our hounds so please revisit this page regularly for updates.


Visit their webpage 




Visit their webpage




Visit their website


Rufus 6 and half year old boy

PLEASE NOTE: Rufus is NOT being homed by Trailhound Welfare.

Meet the beautiful 6 and half year old trailhound Rufus. He retired after an active racing life in Ireland. He is a very friendly and loving boy who is looking for his own cosy bed in front of a fireplace. Rufus is currently living in a home with a number of other dogs, who he loves to run around with. Rufus travels well, and like most hounds, he loves his food. He just needs to work on his lead walking skills a little bit. He has not yet been cat tested.

Rufus has been castrated, vaccinated and fully health checked. He came to the UK from Southern Ireland and has a pet passport.

Rufus is being homed by Foxhound Welfare UK. To find out more about Rufus and other hound breeds with FWUK, please email them directly at foxhoundwelfareuk@gmail.com or visit their website HERE


Polly aged 5 and half

Polly has interest that we are following up on.

Polly is a lovely hound who has retired from racing recently. She is a friendly and lively girl who has been used to a country home. She is good around dogs, chickens and sheep. Polly is currently with her racing owner in West Cumbria. Any prospective adopter will need to come and visit Polly in her home as her owners would like to be part of the homing process.  Polly will be neutered and vaccinated prior to rehoming. If you would like to know more about Polly, please email or ring us. View a short video of Polly HERE


Bailey, 4 year old girl

Bailey is now reserved

Meet Bailey. She is 4 and half years old and has finished racing so her owner would love to find her a retirement home. She is a gorgeous friendly girl, who loves to race around on the beach chasing a ball. She can live with another dog. She has not lived with children or cats but as she has such a nice nature, this should not be a problem. Bailey is still with her racing owner and a prospective adopter will need to come to Cumbria to meet her there. Bailey will be neutered, vaccinated, worm and flea treated before going to her home. She is already microchipped.  If you would like to find out more about Bailey please contact us. To see a video of Bailey, please click HERE



Boo, 9 year old beagle X

Boo is a friendly 9 year old male dog, castrated, fully vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and cared for. Work commitments are the only reason why his owner is having to look to re-home him. Boo is very active and playful and acts much younger than 9. He requires at least two walks per day and lots of love and attention. He doesn’t like being left for long periods of time although he has had to become more used to this. He is entertaining and loving but scared of young children in the home (fine on walks and out in the garden) so wouldn’t suit a young family. He has various tricks and commands that he understands and can play fetch the ball all day long and has his own toy box in his current home which he goes through daily. He is extremely attentive and just wants to love anyone who gives him any time or throws his ball. Ideally suited to someone who has experience with this type of breed. Boo lives near Huddersfield.

Boo is being privately homed by his owner and NOT through Trailhound Welfare. Please contact his owner directly. Contact Amy: 07983758486

Good points

  • Great in kennels or with other people if you need to go on holiday
  • Very loving and affectionate – will sit on your feet all day long if possible
  • Great fun to play with and very entertaining
  • Fully vaccinated, wormed, microchipped
  • Good at learning new commands and skills
  • Good around other dogs (apart from German Shepherds)
  • Good around cats (although scared of them)

Not so good points

  • Scared of young children when in close proximity (very nervous)
  • Doesn’t like German Shepherd dogs for some reason, although I am sure this would be cured if he had one he could spend time with
  • As a hound he needs lots of walks
  • Empties the kitchen bin if you leave him near it when you go out
  • Doesn’t like being left for long periods of time but fine if he can sit on your bed or sofa ideally
  • Will eat your post and not keen on the post man
  • Will escape if not watched/fenced in and doesn’t have road sense

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