Trailhounds looking for loving homes

Listed below are some of the trailhounds currently available for adoption. We are able to supply a full history of each hound, e.g whether they have lived with children, cats, other dogs etc. We take in around 60 hounds a year; many we home ourselves and some go to reputable rehoming centres throughout the country. We ensure hounds are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and visit you in your home so that we can answer any questions fully. There is a £120 adoption donation. We offer 1 month free insurance with PETPLAN Insurance when you adopt a hound from us. If you are new to trailhounds, please carefully read our FAQ and training page to be sure that a trailhound is the right type of breed for you.

Initial enquiries: 01697478383 (Sue) or 07773 252350 (Sue) or 07958 517366 (Barbara) Email: trailhoundwelfare@hotmail.co.uk

Most pictures below are thumbnails. Click on picture to enlarge. Page updated on 27/07/2021

HOUND TRAILERS – Please ring Sue or Barbara if you have a hound you wish to rehome. We can discuss if you wish us to assist you to privately home your hound (either by it staying with you until adopted OR for it to come into our care until adopted)  OR if you are happy for it to go to an external rehoming centre, in which case they take over sole responsibility for it. If you decide to find a home yourselves, we are still happy to pay for neutering, and to assist with advice and home checks, if you require it.

ADOPTERS –  Contact us and we will send you a pre adoption form. We have received an unprecedented number of enquiries all over the country since March 2020. We always match the right hound with the right family but we currently have more people waiting than available hounds.

As well as privately homing hounds, we also send some to other rehoming centres. If you see one on this page that you are interested in, contact the centre directly to register interest but please be aware – their own homing criteria will apply.

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Jula, aged 6 years

Jula is a lovely 6 year old girl with lots of energy and personality. She has retired from racing and her owners would love her to find a retirement home, as she gets quite upset when she sees her companions go off racing.

Jula is nervous of new situations so will need a very special home that has the time and experience to help her to enjoy her life.  It does not take long for her to warm to a new person: she will cover you in kisses then! She does need understanding owners who will not overfaze her too soon.

Jula came to stay with us for a day and a couple of nights and she settled in very well to being in the home with a couple of other trailies. It helped us to assess her better and see that in the right home, she will be a lovely dog.

Jula currently lives with other hounds, who she gets on well with. She is nervous of puppies and would prefer not to be around dogs that try to pester her too much. Jula is still living with her racing family in North Cumbria and adopters would need to come to Cumbria for a weekend to meet and spend time with her. Before we get to that stage, we will need to complete all necessary pre adoption paperwork, discuss her needs, and share information, videos and photos, to ensure she is getting the best home. The following criteria is what we are looking for so if you are interested in knowing more about Jula, then please ring or email us.

Jula will need:

  • Owners with time and experience with shy dogs, who are able to introduce her to new things slowly, to help build her confidence.
  • Owners who are experienced at handling a strong dog, as Jula can pull especially if something worries her.
  • A quiet, rural home with a spacious and secure garden is a must. Excess noises worry Jula and she needs to be able to relax in her home environment.
  • A home with quiet walks and routine. This is so important with shy hounds as constant changes can be stressful.
  • An adult only home, although Jula will be fine with visiting children who are under supervision. This proviso is because children can sometimes be noisy and get into a dogs’ space when the dog is clearly not comfortable with it.
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Sol, Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, Carlisle

Sol is a handsome 4 year old hound who is being homed by Oak Tree Animals’ Charity in Carlisle, Cumbria.

All details about Sol and the type of home he is looking for, can be found on their website HERE

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Wesley, aged 1

WESLEY HAS BEEN ADOPTED Wesley is a 15 month old boy who has not taken to trail racing. He has no injuries. He is a lovely hound with good recall (although new owners need to keep a new hound safely on a lead until a good bond is established.) Wesley loves children, and has been raised on a farm with all the farm animals. Preferably to go to someone who has previously had hound experience. May enjoy canicross or running with an owner. Wesley has come into our care to start preparing him for home life as a pet. He is quiet and relaxed in the home, loves to play with other hounds when outside. He is slightly unsure of new experiences but is happy to approach new people to say hello.

Wesley’s racing family are involved with the rehoming process. A potential adopter will need to talk to them as well as representatives from Trailhound Welfare before any decision is made about who will adopt him. They also have other hounds that are looking for amazing retirement homes, ranging from 1 year to 8 year olds. Please email us if you would like to have more details.  We are particularly interested in adopters who would be able to travel initially to Cumbria to meet a potential hound.




Ruby, aged 7 years

RUBY HAS INTEREST. Meet Ruby. She is 7 years old and is an energetic and affectionate hound. Ruby lives on a farm in the Lake District and is looking for a rural/semi rural home with plenty of walks. Ruby currently lives in a kennel with other hounds so will need an owner who can help her to learn house training etc. She may like to live with another dog and a potential adopter will need to travel to north Lakes to meet her (and to introduce their dog, if they have one). Equally, we think she will be happy as an only pet, spending quality time with her owner.
Ruby needs a secure garden and active owners who will enjoy walking and training her. She will make a super companion.
We are looking for an owner who has previous experience of owning a dog. If you would like to know more about Ruby then drop us an email and we can let you know more about her and send you a pre adoption questionnaire. We will also need photos and video of home and garden.

More photos on our Instagram page HERE


Maggie, aged 3 – active dog

The following write up is by a friend with retired trailhounds that she does canicross with. She has been helping Maggie’s owner to find an active home for Maggie.

Maggie is a 3 year old Trailhound who is being retired from racing as she ‘ loves running about but can’t be bothered to race with the others. Maggie is one of the sweetest, snogable, loving, cuddly girls I’ve had the pleasure to know (and I’ve known her since a pup and been very lucky to enjoy so much loving from her). We tried Maggie in a harness for the first time on her own and with one of my other dogs. She was fantastic, very good at pulling, no real wandering and so with the right training and encouragement we think she’d be a very good prospect for canicrossing. Now Maggie is quite a sensitive soul and if pushed a bit too much with training gets a bit worried and upset, so its essential that time, a gentle and positive approach is taken with her. Maggie can also be quite mischievous, likes to stand on things high up, as you can see from the pictures attached an old dog crate is just the thing. She can be very nosey, curious and as with many Trailhounds has been known to investigate things using her mouth and feet. Maggie will need a home with at least one other dog, as a lot of her confidence has come from her kennel mates, and a secure garden. Preferably someone needs to be at home for most of the day and able to interact with her as she gets used to living in a house. Children in a prospective home will need to be over the age of 5 as Maggie may well run smaller Hoomans over by accident.

Trailhound Welfare is giving full back up. We will also consider a generally active, dog experienced home for Maggie.  Feel free to contact us in the first instance to find out more.


Jack, 6 year old boy

JACK IS ON A HOME TRIAL  Jack is a 6 year old boy who has retired from racing. Jack lives with other dogs, cats and chickens. He loves a good cuddle. Jack is good around children. He has spent some time in his racing owners home. He has reasonable recall although will need an owner to continue training him before allowing him to go offlead. Jack has been neutered. He is living in West Cumbria currently and a prospective adopter would need to come to meet him.

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We are indebted to Dogs Trust who take some of our trailhounds for rehoming. It gives people the opportunity to meet and adopt from all parts of the country. Please note that once a hound is in their care then their homing procedures and policies apply. We are always happy to talk to you about your hound but Dogs Trust make their own assessments when the hound is in their care. Various Dogs Trust kennels throughout the country take our hounds (mainly Leeds, Harefield and Canterbury) so please revisit this page regularly for updates.

Canterbury Dogs Trust 

Rocky, aged 6.

Here is what Dogs Trust say about him: Visit their website for more details. Rocky is a beautiful 6 year old Trailhound. He enjoys exploring all our exercise compounds and playing enrichment games that his Canine Carers make him. He has some canine friends that he enjoys walking with but does like to have his own space to go and explore, and he is quite strong on the lead. Rocky loves his food and treats which will help with his ongoing training. He can be a little unsure when meeting new people and needs to be given a little time and space to get to know you. Rocky is looking for an active, patient adult only home that will give him time to settle. Rocky needs to be the only pet in the home and cannot live with cats. He must have direct access to his own secure garden that he can spend his time exploring and he will need some ongoing training. Potential adopters must live within a 45 minute drive of the Canterbury Rehoming Centre.


Bella, 1 year old hound X with RSPCA

Bella is a hound type, possibly crossed with a lurcher. She is in RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham, Surrey. They are looking to home local to Surrey and for an adopter to visit her a number of times before adopting.

Bella needs an experienced and specific home. Read all about her on the RSPCA website and contact them directly if you are interested. DETAILS


Other hound types in other rehoming centres

Although we primarily promote trailhounds looking for homes (and love them so much that we want you to adopt one!), we also like to support other organisations so occasionally list different hounds on this page. Here are some organisations that home other hound breeds and hound crosses.

Dogs Trust – national organisation with rehoming centres all over the UK. Use their drop down menu to find a hound breed, usually listed as trailhound, beagle, harrier or foxhound.

Beagle Welfare – rehomimg centre at Burton 0n Trent. Also have beagles in foster homes throughout the country.

Foxhound Welfare UK – based in the North East near Newcastle but homes throughout the country. Has variety of hound breeds for adoption.