Sit and stayTrailhounds make wonderful pets but please be prepared to put in time, especially initially, to train your hound properly. Please read our 2 leaflets, Your Trailhound as a Pet and Training Recall for tried and tested ways of training your hound. They are available as a PDF file or a leaflet which we can post out to you.We would like to stress that you should not let your hound offlead, unless in a secure area, until you have properly trained them to return to a recall word. All hounds will be able to jump a 4 foot fence with ease and many hounds will jump higher than that. It is your responsibility to keep them safe until they have bonded with you and you know they will return when called. Please do not allow them to go off unsupervised and assume they will safely return. A good training class will also be of great benefit to your hound. A number of trailies have achieved their Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen Awards.

Lakeland Trailhound Welfare encourages owners to train their dogs with modern positive and rewarding methods. Along with the Dogs Trust and all other major welfare groups, we do not support the use of electronic or ’shock’ collars. We do NOT support outdated dominance based training methods. 

If you have any behavioural or training concerns, you should privately contact the shelter your hound came from for advice. You can also contact us, and we will try to help.

Please also read our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information and background about the breed.

Information Leaflets

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Your Trailhound as a Pet


Training Recall