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  • October 3, 2014
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MelWe adopted Mel from The Dogs Trust at Evesham on 18th March 2007 – Mothering Sunday – and what a lovely day to collect such a lovely dog.

We came across Mel at the centre and we knew absolutely nothing about Trailhounds and have been on a crash course ever since – I couldn’t thank Eileen Robinson of the Trailhound Trust enough for all her advice, help, support and guidance.

During the past two months Mel has proved to be an absolute treasure. She is just lovely to have around and has fitted so well into our family. I take her on a good long walk everyday (often resulting in me suffering a few heart stopping moments when I lose sight of her!) and then she spends the rest of the time travelling around with me or lounging on a bed somewhere warm.

As we all come to realise, very quickly, there is not much a Trailhound doesn’t like in the way of food so our kitchen has become exceptionally tidy and efficient because without doubt Mel won’t miss an opportunity to pinch toast (with or without butter, jam or lemon curd she’s not fussy), scrambled egg, omelette, cereals, cake, stir fry or anything else you are daft enough to leave within her very, very capable and far reaching nose and paws!

To date we have taken her to the pub, on a picnic (quite entertaining having a Trailhound on a picnic but there you go – it worked in a sort of frenetic kind of way), out for afternoon tea – couldn’t help herself this time the lemon curd cake was just too tempting and my hubby was ‘persuaded’ to share – (actually

Mel in her racing days in 2005

Mel in her racing days in 2005

Mel snaffled the bottom half before we knew what had happened!). She and I have met up with my friends and their dogs for walks and we have just started Obedience Classes.

I suspect like all new Trailhound owners we have had our share of surprises and antics but all have ended well and most have been quite amusing and let’s be honest they are such lovely dogs you could forgive them pretty much anything.

Mel is genuine, loving, comic, intelligent, fun, sensitive, and always up for a cuddle and fuss and she never fails to spot if you need extra attention because you are feeling under the weather.

I think we are exceptionally lucky to have Mel as part of our family and I also have absolutely no doubt we are going to have some fun times along the way but that’s fine for us – Trailhounds Rule OK!