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And then there were 3……

Hello everyone. I thought it was time I gave you all an update. I am doing well. I went back to the Royal Dick Vet Hospital for a 6 months check up recently, and was given a clean bill of health. I am still sharing my life with Meg: we are very close, especially when she clambers all over me for a cuddle! We also have a lovely boy called Laddie living with us, while he waits for a very special person to adopt him. Read all about him on our rehoming page. We are all the best of friends and squeeze in the car together to go on adventures. We have been going along to shows to promote trailhounds as pets and everyone falls in love with us. Check out our News page for events where you may see us. Click picture to enlarge



Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Sue felt I was lonely living on my own without Lotty. Recently, a lovely 7 year old hound called Meg came in for rehoming and we got on so well that she is staying as my companion. Meg, who raced as Tiagress, is very tactile and loves to snuggle up and use me as a pillow. So that was my good news.

My bad news is that in September a tumour was found in my mouth. Although benign, it had no room to grow so needed to be removed. On 19/10/16 I went into Edinburgh Royal Dick Veterinary Hospital to have the tumour and about 7cms of my lower jaw bone removed. As you can imagine, I am very down in the dumps right now. The vet told Sue that I may have a slight permanent dribble and my tongue may sometimes droop out. I don’t know how that will go down with the ladies. Ooops – sorry Meg, I know I shouldn’t be playing the field now you are here! Anyway, here is a lovely photo of me in the spring in the bluebells and one taken recently with Meg. Didn’t think you wanted to see me wearing a cone of shame!



Sleep tight, my lovely Lotty xx

On the 6th May 2016 my lovely companion, Lotty went over the Rainbow Bridge. We have had a wonderful time together for the last 7 years but at the age of 16, she was too tired and her legs had become too weak for her to carry on. Take care, my sweet girl. Run fast and free over the fells.

lotty-6 lotty-5 lotty-4 lotty-3 lotty-1



Happy 15th birthday, Lotty

Another year and another birthday for my dear girlfriend, Lotty.  We met up with lotsLotty 15th birthday of our friends for a celebratory walk. Lotty was showing off her new coat and collar. Sadly Sue doesn’t know my birthday so I don’t get to enjoy these luxuries! It was a very cold and windy day and unfortunately Lotty’s balloon blew away. I think she is mellowing in her old age as she doesn’t tell me off anywhere near as often as she used to do. Love you, Lotsy! Click on picture to enlarge.

Death by scan-gulation!

Pic Sheila Gower

Today I am feeling quite worried and may need a bit of reassurance. Sue asked me if I fancied helping out at a local animal charity stand at the Cumberland Show. She said I would be getting lots of fuss and attention and would be fed lots of treats so she sold the idea on me. I had a feeling there was a catch by the strange gleam in her eye but I am a sucker for food so off we went. What she failed to tell me was that I was going to be a stooge dog for the children and adults to practice their skills at scanning a dog for a microchip. So I ended up with about 100 people scanning me all over to find my microchip, and very ticklish it was too! Now here is my worry – are those things toxic? I mean, have I been zapped with gamma rays or something? I keep checking the mirror to see if my fur is falling out. Oh dear, I have gone all faint, I think I need to go and lie down again.

Happy birthday, Lotty

Happy 14th birthday to my dearest companion  Lotty.  She wears the trousers in this relationship but I don’t mind. We share lots of fun experiences together and are great friends. We are sometimes partners in crime when it comes to ambushing people having a picnic on the fells! CLICK HERE to see video of me and Lotty playing on her birthday!

Teachers pet!

Earlier this week Sue had a long chat with me. She said we were going to a place called ‘school’ where she was going to talk to some children about the importance of being kind to animals. She told me if I was very good, I would be allowed into the school to meet the children. (I found out later that she told the children if they were very good, they would be able to meet me!) She went ahead into the school to talk about things like grooming, training, poo bags (yuk!!) and all sorts of things about what a pet needs to make it happy and healthy. Finally my time came and I met the children. One little girl said that she would stand at the back of the class cos she was afraid of me but she soon saw what fun her friends were having stroking me, and she came over to say hello too. Unfortunately, I did choose that very day to start my summer moult so there were a lot of hairy school uniforms by the time we finished! The children enjoyed our visit so much that they sent me and Sue a card with their drawings on, to thank us for visiting them.

Why trailhounds dont have handbags!

Today Lotty and I went for a run at Golden Valley Common on the Malvern Hills. I met up with my best friends, Ben, Cassie and Jenny. I got so excited when Ben’s mum got out of her car that I leapt up at her, managed to loop my leg and head round her handbag then went racing off around the (extremely wet, muddy, puddle filled) common, with her handbag in tow. By the time I stopped, her lovely blue bag was plastered in brown gooey mud. Sorry, Auntie Laraine!

My 1st agility competition – I’m afraid I tore up the rule book!

Today I went to Scotland to take part in my first ever agility competition. It was really exciting with nearly 100 dogs competing. I knew it was very important to remember everything I was taught in training. In my first 2 classes I …….well……. forgot pretty much everything I was taught in training! Ignoring Sue’s instructions in my excitement, I raced around randomly jumping whatever I felt like, I squeezed through a gap in the fence and ran over to say hello to a cute little bichon frise, I decided to introduce myself to the judge by leaping up and planting my front paws on his chest nearly knocking him over, I loved the tunnel so much that I ran through it twice, I clambered all over 2 stewards who were sitting on chairs in the ring. Finally, realising that Lotty wasnt there to watch my debut (or debacle as Sue later called it) I shot off though the car park to fetch her out of our car. When I practice agility, Sue has a number of hand signals and verbal instructions to help me. Today she seemed to be doing a new one that I hadn’t seen before. It consisted of her holding her hands over her eyes and groaning the words “Oh no oh no oh no”! At the end of the 2 rounds I had scored a total of 95 points which I thought was quite impressive till a haughty collie explained that they were penalty points! I even overheard one collie say to another, “What do you expect from a silly hound dog?” That really spurred me on to try harder in the next 2 rounds (the fact that Sue asked the judge for permission to carry a piece of sausage in her hand may have been a deciding factor too, of course!) Class 3 was definately better but my crowning moment was Class 4. Apart from one jump that I knocked over, I did a perfect round, even doing the weaves and seesaw properly. Out of 22 dogs in my class I came 5th and won a rosette!! Hmmmmmm, think I may have a go at sheep dog trials next – that would really be one in the eye for the collie brigade!! Click picture to enlarge