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  • October 5, 2014
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Back in April 2008 we visited the Dogs Trust rehoming centre in Snetterton. Obviously we were looking to provide a home for a dog but went with an open mind as to breed. Some 3 years had passed since I lost Tico, a lovable, lively and playful English Springer Spaniel. In the back of my mind I was hoping to find a dog with a similar even temperament but didn’t realistically expect to find one so easily. A major consideration was Tom, my 7 year old son who had grown a little nervous of dogs. After discussing several dogs at the centre the staff strongly recommended Bob, a 14 month old trailhound who had grabbed our attention with his handsome face and gently waving tail. We had never heard of trailhounds but upon walking Bob we were immediately impressed. He seemed such a gentle, laid back boy but obviously had a mischievous streak. A week later we collected Bob and have never looked back. In less than 3 months he had settled in extremely well. The whole family adore him.  He craves attention and hates to think he might be missing something and will get up to mischief if ignored. He loves to greet us with his Scooby style howl and does not shirk from his guard dog duties growling at his reflection in windows!

He loves his walks, especially those on the beach. We can’t keep him out of any water, from the sea to muddy puddles! He has responded really well to training and we can even trust him (to a point) to be let off the lead during his walks and recall is improving provided there are no other dogs to play with within eyesight or families enjoying picnics within a mile or two! He is even learning to play football with his new best mate, Tom. To anybody thinking of re-homing a dog, please consider a trailhound. They make fantastic pets, are lovable, enjoy lots of fuss and attention and have an amazing temperament. We have a friend who is very wary and a little scared of dogs but even she thinks Bob is fantastic. Thanks to everyone at Dogs Trust, Snetterton and to all those that contribute to this informative website especially Eileen who has provided  lots of useful info about Bob. His racing name was Foxparke Billy Bob.