Limited Edition Trailhound Figurine

Trailhound figurine by Ann Shambrook

We are very pleased and excited to give you the opportunity to buy a limited edition figurine of a trailhound, which can be hand painted to represent your own hound’s colours, or produced in a cold cast resin bronze finish. The figurines are delicately sculpted by Malvern artist Ann Shambrook, produced in Worcestershire and limited to 175. The figurines are approx 13cms x 16cms.

Ann is an ardent supporter of Lakeland Trailhound Welfare and will make a donation to us for each figurine sold.


Hand painted figurine –  from £55 plus postage (includes base)

Bronze finish figurine – £45 plus postage (includes base)

The figurine is available freestanding, without the base. Please specify when you order.

If you wish to place an order or have any enquiries please contact Ann on 01684 438665 or email her on


Trailhound Figurine bronze effect