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  • April 3, 2020
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Frank aged 7 and Joe aged 6. Barbara wrote the following:

Frank is a handsome, lemon coloured, 7 year old boy.  He has the most amazing, soulful looking sad eyes and is so friendly, always wanting to smother you in as many kisses as he possibly can.  He really did like company, making friends with Joe almost immediately, so I’m not sure how happy he’d be being an only dog. Frank walked well on the lead, although a little unsure at first about any new encounters, soon relaxing once he’d given whatever it was a good sniff. He knows his name well but, naturally, his new family must make sure his recall is really secure. He is on the larger side for a Trailhound so his new family must make sure that they have a good size sofa for Frank to share! RESERVED

Joe is a tricolour, laid back, 6 year old boy, who seems quite wise beyond his years.  He seems to immediately know what’s expected of him and to quickly find the best spots to make himself comfortable. Joe knows his name well, although the usual selective deafness is there when there is important sniffing to be done!, luckily he loves his treats so that will help with his training.  Joe loves being made a fuss of, but didn’t seem to mind his own company and, like Frank, he got on well with my 4 boys and girls. RESERVED

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