Hounds looking for homes
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  • June 29, 2020
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29/06/2020 We will be looking for separate homes for the following hounds.  They are all used to dogs, cats, children and livestock. They are friendly hounds who will make super pets.

Casper, male aged 8 years is a lovely, big hound. He is soppy and friendly with animals and people. We met him on the beach with his owner and he was good offlead. Currently still with his racing family. RESERVED

Peggy Sue, female aged 6 years is a friendly girl who will make a super pet. Peggy is very agile and will need 6 foot fencing. Peggy Sue would like a home with another Trailhound who will help to build her confidence, and owners who are around most of the time. HAS INTEREST

Jazz, aged 2 years, is a sweet young girl who we have just taken in to assess. ADOPTED

Rocky, is a very big 5 year old hound and is a lovely boy who gets on with people and other animals. Rocky may prefer the company of female dogs to male dogs although he currently shares a kennel with a boy dog. He is a very big, strong boy and for this reason will benefit from an experienced home. Currently still with his racing owner.

Pictures from left to right: Jazz, Rocky, Peggy-Sue, Casper.

JazzRocky Peggy Sue Casper